Memories are Made by… Jon Damian


This December we’re looking a little closer at the some of the talented makers who make up our fantastic creative community. This week we speak to recent graduate, Jon Peters of Jon Damian jewellery, whose work is available to buy upstairs at Manchester Craft & Design Centre, in Studio 22.

How many years have you been resident at MCDC?

I have been sharing Divinity with Eve Redmond for 21 months now and am looking forward to many more years here.

untitledWhat are the main inspirations behind your work?

I’m inspired by the materials I work with, so silver predominently. When I’m not working on commissions I try to come up with my own ways to make things so I can learn new ways to explore the way that metal behaves and this inspires new work. When I’m working like this I like to celebrate the marks of making on the surface of the metal and the happen chance way that metal can move when I’m working with it. I take a lot of inspiration from the Japanese aesthetics of wabi-sabi which is all about this.

What is the most memorable commission or customer purchase of your work you have ever received? 

The most satisfying commission was 3 pieces of jewellery I designed and made for a customer to help remember his father who had recently passed away. It was a contemporary take on Victorian mourning jewellery.

_JCF1026.jpgWhat is your favourite thing about Manchester Craft & Design Centre on the run up to Christmas? 

It’s a great place to people watch and meet people as they rush about finishing off their Christmas shopping!

Why should people buy handmade gifts this Christmas?

You won’t find this stuff anywhere else on the high street, it’s all individual and you can commission makers to make things that are tailor made for you.


Kick off your Christmas shopping on Saturday 3rd December by supporting small independent businesses just like those based here at MCDC. Read more here.images with logo.jpg


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