Spotted at New Designers

Last week we took a trip to London to see the New Designers exhibition where we spotted some incredible craft makers and designers.

Leah Jensen studies Contemporary Crafts at Falmouth University and creates hand carved, porcelain vessels. She combines these pristine white, intricately patterned pieces with charred black wood to produce a beautiful contrast in colour and texture.

1    2

Eleanora Orly Edlavitch is now studying a Masters in Ceramic Design at Staffordshire University. Her designs are clean and practical and yet subtly ornate and elaborately detailed. Her pieces are works of both art and design.

3  4

Michelle Mei Kwan Ho has created a range of jewellery collections, which all feature her unique geometric, contemporary style. Most recently she has produced a collection entitled Tessellations, a range of silver and gold plated bangles, earrings and neckpieces, made by interlocking shapes and repeated patterns that produce a fine mesh.



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